Valley Boiler is the Local Shop for Boiler & Burner Parts

At the Valley Boiler warehouse location on Shenandoah Avenue in Roanoke, Virginia, we stock a large selection of boiler and burner parts for all your repair and service needs. We try to stock as many parts as we can, for the confidence of our customers. When a client calls us about a piece of equipment that is not working or not working properly, we want to be able to make the repair as soon as possible.
If the repair requires a new part, the down time drops dramatically if we have the boiler and burner part in stock. If we do not have the part in stock, we will order your part the same day the problem is diagnosed. Getting you and your equipment back up and running properly is our number-one priority.

Call or stop by our shop for any boiler and burner parts you may need at (540) 342-3995.

Valley Boiler Offers Most Repair Parts In-Stock

  • BOILER GASKETS – Topogee, Cleaver Brooks, Fireside, Waterside, Metallic, Rope, Spiral Wound, Teflon, Handhole, Manhole, and Paper *all items in stock
  • REFRACTORY & INSTALLATION – Castable, Plastic, Fire Brick, Tile, Blanket, Board Insulation, Cement, Rope, Pipe Installation, Packing
  • GAUGES – Temperature, Pressure, Liquid Filled, Vacuum, Fuel Pressur, Adjustable Angles *many angles available and in stock
  • SITE GLASS – Redline Gauge Glass, Valves, Washers, Gaskets *All items in stock
  • PUMPS – Boiler Feed Pump, Condensate Pump, Circulating Pump, Fuel Oil Pump, Booster Pump
  • VALVES – Ball, Check, Gate, Non-Return, Globe, Needle, Butterfly, Safety Relief, Solenoid, Blow-Down, Boiler Drain, Pressure Reducing, Radiator, Rebuilt *Many items in stock
  • CONTROLS – Pressure Control, Flame Safeguard Control, Low Water Cutoff, Temperature Controls, Level Controls
  • COILS – Factory Replacement, Custom Built, Tube Bundle, Fan Coil, Fin Tube, Heat Exchanger, Quick Turn Around
  • OTHER ITEMS – Gauge Cocks, Brushes, Rods, Tub Plugs, Boiler Tubes, Filter, Igniter, Flame Censor *All items in stock

Repair Services for Most Burner & Boilers in the Roanoke, Virginia Area

As a representative for some of the largest boiler and burner manufacturers, Valley Boiler is also certified to repair and service the products we sell. The staff of technicians employed by Valley Boiler have been trained and certified by the manufacturer of the equipment. With their extensive training, the technicians have the knowledge to handle any boiler and burner repair your equipment needs.

Getting you and your equipment back up and running properly is our number-one priority.