Combustion Control Systems for Burners and Boilers in Roanoke, VA

Valley Boiler & Mechanical Inc. Offers Quality & Improved Efficiency

Valley Boiler & Mechanical provides combustion control systems throughout the Roanoke, Virginia region. Serving the variety of industrial and commercial boiler and burner systems in the marketplace, our technicians provide mechanical services to make existing industrial and commercial systems more economical to operate. Combustion control systems, such as micro-modulating systems and exhaust gas analysis (EGA) systems provide quality along with improved efficiency that our customers appreciate.

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Micro-Modulation Combustion Control Systems – Features and Facts

  • Micro Modulation Fuel/Air Ratio Control
  • UV Flame Safeguard
  • Burner Safety Control
  • Gas Valve and Pressure Proving
  • Precise Target Setpoint Control
  • Fuel Flow Metering
  • 3 Parameter Trim – O2, CO2, CO
  • FGR Management Options
  • Time Clock Facility
  • Upgradable to operate with water level control module

Greater Fuel Efficiency, Improved Accuracy of Mechanical Systems

Micro-modulating (MM) systems ensure maximum efficiency in the operation of any boiler. These systems keep air-fuel ratio at the minimum to ensure complete combustion, within limitations. This is important for two reasons: First, it ensures complete combustion within the limitations of the combustion head design; second, it always monitors the target temperature or pressure of the boiler with a high degree of accuracy for the proper fuel and air mixture. A quality MM system helps to avoid costly fluctuations in fuel usage while operating the boiler or burner system.

Using microprocessor technology, the MM system can be programmed to provide a flexible way to optimize combustion quality throughout the requirement range of the boiler/burner unit. It monitors the temperature to within two degrees Fahrenheit and pressure to within 1.5 PSI. MM control modules are the heart of the combustion control system, and contain the microcomputer and power supply. The front panel of the control module features a touch-sensitive keypad to enter data, along with a graphics display.

Expand Control by Adding an Exhaust Gas Analysis (EGA) System

Greater control over combustion can be achieved by adding an Exhaust Gas Analysis (EGA) system. Using an EGA trim system facility can expand the MM system so that it will measure and display O2, CO2, CO, exhaust temperature. This can ensure that your data goal regardless of changes in stack pressure, barometric conditions, or changes in fuel temperature and quality.

A standard feature on every module is a serial port which that connects to an energy management system to track and record the information that is generated by the EGA system. Purchase an additional exhaust sampling probe to ensure sample quality. The EGA system has error-checking, self-diagnostic software that can reduce component or data data handling failure.

When energy savings is important to you, depend on Valley Boiler & Mechanical to supply the right type of combustion control system to meet your burner or boiler system needs.