Manufactures Local Trained Representatives in Factory Start-Up

Valley Boiler has been trusted by several of the top manufacturers of boiler, burners, chillers, and other HVAC equipment to represent their company. As a trained representative of the products manufacturer, Valley Boiler has the qualification to sell, install, repair, and maintain their products.

We also have the authorization from the manufacturer to administer the factory start-up on a new piece of equipment. Our factory start-up will ensure that your new equipment is working properly and to factory standards before the project is completed. There are five different manufacturing companies that Valley Boiler can perform factory start-ups on; Victory Energy, Limpsfield, Auto Flame, Johnson’s Burners, and S. T. Lockwood Products.

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Valley Boiler is a Manufacturer Representative for:

VICTORY ENERGY – Started in 1999 with the mission of providing customers with the best boiler, burner, and heat transfer solutions and service. And now, eighteen years later, customers are looking to Victory Energy as the company for all of their steam requirements and the best independent sales representatives all the way across North America.

LIMPFIELD – In 1995, Limps Field was founded as an industrial burner manufacturer, offering complete solutions to combustion requirements from standard burners to engineered solutions. Most products can be manufactured to meet specific specifications for the sales representatives client.

AUTOFLAME – Auto Flame started out as an HVAC services company and now is one of the leaders in manufacturing and selling of boilers and burner controllers.

S.T. JOHNSON’S BURNERS – Opened back in 1903 as a burner manufacture company and then improved to a rotary burner manufacturer with simplicity, reliability, and durability. Now, many decades later, Johnson’s Burners produces modern engineered combustion systems.

LOCKWOOD PRODUCTS – The parent company started back in 1938 selling and manufacturing heating and cooling system accessories. And now today with the same customer service and experience Lockwood is manufacturing parts for low-pressure steam boiler used for heating process applications for industrial and commercial buildings.

Valley Boiler & Mechanical is the trusted heating and cooling company for commercial and industrial properties in the Roanoke, Virginia area. Call for more information at (540) 342-3995.